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On this page, you will find all the artist interviews of our magazine


As agreed, here is the first scratch interview, interview with Claire Buckland, one of the sunbeams of the team play Agency


Claire Buckland, started DJ’ing in the early nineties with 2 second hand, belt driven turntables until she could afford Technics Mk2 1200’s which she still uses today. Her real love is the free party scene. She began by going anywhere there was a free party or festival with a bag of records and beg for a play. Throughout the nineties she joined with several sound systems and played mainly in Cardiff, Bristol and London as well as a few other nights around the UK. She retired from DJ’ing for a few years but when lockdown was imposed her decks were the first thing she turned to. The technology has moved on so much now but she will always continue with her trusty turntables!




                                                            INTERVIEW SCRATCH



DJ Maaxtal :hello, so that people get to know you, electrocolors offers you a short written interview. first question , -by passion, or professionally?

Claire Buckland I have been a dj passionately and professionally!


DJM :-musician, composer, singer, or dj?

CB : I started dj’ing in 1993


DJM :- since what age?

CB :in 1993


DJM :-which was the trigger?

CB : My trigger was going to an early acid house party and seeing people from different backgrounds and ethnicities all partying love


DJM :-your musical icon?

CB :I don’t have one musical icon.I love most genres of music and feel there is a place for all. There are 2 types of music, good music and bad music!


DJM :-your pleasures apart from music?

CB : Life’s pleasures beside music are family, friends, nature in all its forms and books



DJM : your best song?

CB :Impossible to give a best song!


DJM : vinyl or mp3?

CB :Vinyl!!!!


DJM :-your near musical future?

CB :To carry on playing my turntables and enjoying my music, anything else is a bonus.


and a few more personal questions


DJM :Tea or coffee?

CB : Coffee


DJM :Morning or evening?

CB : Morning



DJM :summer or winter?

CB :Spring and Autumn!



DJM:Spring and Autumn! ,good answer,i didn t think about or festival?

CB :Festival



DJM :alone or accompanied?

CB :Alone




I think that with this little interview, your fans will look at you differently. Thanks a lot from

Dj Maaxtal and electrocolor ,thank you.

claire 3.jpg

Today like i told last week ,we 're going to see the real Dj Darkness,first thing to know his real name Fabio for the people close to him.And his very nice cause you ll go to know all...

DJ Darkness began his career in 1979 by influence of his older brother, playing at parties for friends and some clubs. And over the years has been perfecting his technique of mixing, as well as researching and forming their own repertoire of music, passing through several trends, from soul to today's electronic sets Trance, Psy, Cyber, Eurotrance, Uplifting, Deep House, Eurodance.
Considered a great entertainer , thanks to his charisma and sympathy with the public. His sets that vary in style as the event infects the guests thus making the 'Non-Stop' track, always analyzing the animation of the guests and seeking the satisfaction of Music all.
- Brazil
Worked in several houses in the metropolitan region of Paraiba being resident in some.
- Japan
Worked as a guest on several night clubs in the Tokai region, and also in various events.



Dj Maaxtal first question by passion, or professionally?

Dj Darkness Both ,without passion we cannot become professionals

DJM-musician, composer, singer, or dj?


DjM- since what age?

DJD12 years

DjM-which was the trigger?

DJD My father who worked in Radios and an older brother who always encouraged me to learn

DJM-your musical icon?

DJD Main Quincy Jones / Giuseppe Ottaviani

DJM-Giuseppe?great choice,your pleasures apart from music?

DJD Cars, Motorcycles , Drift

DJM your best song?

DJD Ai No Corrida - QUINCY JONES '1981/ Tony Igy - Astronomia 2010 / Gabry Ponte, Marnik, Roberto Molinaro – Ameno 2020

DJM vinyl or mp3?

DJD Vinyl

DJM -your near musical future?

DJD still undefined

DJM and a few more personal questions Tea or coffee?

DJD Coffee

DJM Morning or evening?

DJD Evening

DJM summer or winter?

DjD Winter

DJM club or festival?

DJD Both

DJM homebody or festive?

DJD Festive

DJM alone or accompanied?

DJD Dating always accompanied


Thanks to you to answered our questions for Electrocolors Le Mag ,and hope the best for you after,

Dj Darkness ,thanks to you to stay in touch with both of your followers ,You got all the links below to talk with him,and now the best pic of Fabio aka Dj Darkness



KTV Entertainment :


Dj haydan
Vital Records 2.0 Kultur Vibration Community - Play Agency - Switch Music
Dj Haydan (aka Dj Noname aka Dj Axess) started mixing in 1999 during a party organized in clubs and parties in the Grand Est region.
Passionate about electronic music, which he discovered at parties in Switzerland or Germany in the 90s, he roamed the dancefloors where he enriched his culture and satisfied his passion for techno.
In 2000, he created an association "Kultur Vibration" with a band of friends and organized several events in order to promote electronic music.
In 2001 an important project took shape with his friends Dj Seth and Dj Kaps to open a vinyl shop in the Mulhouse region. The Vital records shop will become a reference for all djs in the region with unique sales references in the area. The musical culture of the three managers of the shop is felt in the bins and success is by appointment.
At the same time, he continues to distill his tribal & techno music with Adam Beyer influences during parties and club in the great east in Germany and Switzerland.
From Besançon to Nancy his sets are always appreciated by the public.
After a long saving break he returned to the decks with a lot of desire and projects in his head, starting with the production of track and always having as a leitmotif the promotion of the electro world as a whole.
His very last project was to create with his lifelong friends Seth & Laurent Sparks (aka Dj Kaps) a page dedicated to sharing passion and love for the electro world!
Vital Records 2.0 Kultur Vibration Community was born and well born!
Today as a new beginning, it is under his new name that Haydan will continue to surprise you with his electro culture which has never ceased to grow.
Always on the lookout for a good track, it will continue to make you vibrate on the dancefloors.

Tonight for you, the scratch interview De Gael or rather Dj Haydan
Dj Maaxtal: first question,
 -by passion, or professionally?

Dj Haydan: By Passion because today this culture is part of me and my life! The pro side interests me very little! The passion and emotion that music gives me is enough for me as a leitmotif! I move forward following this logic! This allowed me at the beginning of the 2000s to run a "vital records" vinyl shop with friends for three years and to have a "Kultur Vibration" association dedicated to the promotion of Electronic culture in the East of France. !

Dj Maaxtal: -musician, composer, singer, or dj?
Dj Haydan: Dj for a while now, time flies .... and composer recently.

Dj Maaxtal: -How old?
Dj Haydan: I discovered electro in 1996 in a club in Germany, oktane! Since that day I haven't dropped out! The mix I started in 1999 with a few residences in clubs in the east and the production I invested in a studio since the confinement .... I work a lot in the studio now for an EP which I hope will arrive soon !

Dj Maaxtal: -which was the trigger?
Dj Haydan: The freedom of this music, the diversity of the movement and everything that surrounds it immediately appealed to me! It's such a rich movement and culture that you can't get enough of it !! Today it's part of my life and I love it!

Dj Maaxtal: -your musical icon?
Dj Haydan: Without hesitation Adam Beyer! I love what he has been doing since his debut and his Drumcode label! After locally in my region on the Alsatian dancefloors two djs marked me DJ Dash and DJ Seth!

 Dj Maaxtal: - Like the names that we will soon find in scratch times, that of Dash and Seth, your pleasures outside of music?
Dj Haydan: The family of course, the moments of sharing with my friends and my son whom I love more than anything !!


Dj Maaxtal: your best song?
Dj Haydan: Wow hard to say I love it so much but I have a track that I love that I never get tired of, it's Emmanuel Top's acid phase

Dj Maaxtal: -your near musical future?
Dj Haydan: With the current health situation it's difficult for us djs ... I'm working with my agency for the future. I have residences on several radios. One on Eibiza radio on Monday afternoon and one on millenium radio on Wednesday evening. Live-streams also on on-line festivals .... here is a lot going on on social networks but nothing beats the stage and sharing with the public! Then he also has Vital Records 2.0 Kultur vibration Community, a Facebook page that we created with Werner and Laurent, my friends from the shop at the time! Such sharing of our passion and our love for this music! And finally the musical production which I hope will soon lead to an EP! Beyond that, I can't wait to get back to the dancefloors!

Dj Maaxtal: and a few more personal questions The or coffee?
 Dj Haydan: Tea ....
Dj Maaxtal: Morning or evening?
 Dj Haydan: Evening
Dj Maaxtal: summer or winter?
 Dj Haydan: Summer .... I love the heat and the long summer nights!
Dj Maaxtal: club or festival?
 Dj Haydan: Festive club !!
Dj Maaxtal: homebody or festive?
 Dj Haydan: Both! I love partying but family time at home is important !! Getting together is essential for balance!
Dj Maaxtal: alone or accompanied?
 Dj Haydan: Accompanied! A wonderful wife and son and some friends I adore !! Life is Beautiful ! Be happy!
Thank you for all these answers as complete as possible, and information on your position within the group Play Agency Booking and management. Electrocolors and Myself will thank you for this mega scratch time Dj Haydan.

switch music.jpg
seth records.jpg

Today we take the direction of Italy to present to you ,one of our really good dj ,Vincent Benincasa.


Vincent Benincasa He started playing records at the age of 16 in private parties in his city. After years of experience cultivated in various clubs, he creates a project called "Addicted to techno" which encompasses a clubbers movement throughout Italy. In 2018 he meets the legend Danilo Vigorito, known DJ and producer all over the world, and becomes his pupil starting to produce for his label "Orion muzik" with the ep "Grade One". Then on "AF Records" a well-known Swiss label, which publishes the ep "The dream come true". To date, the victory has been successful, with excellent work to sign a contract with the Colombian label "Techno Addicts Records" with the EP "Back to the roots". This version includes Melancholy, Dark Moments & Stream.
In 2020 his new ep "Plastic World" on "Undergroundz Records".



Vincent B :hello friend good morning here is the interview

Dj Maaxtal :-by passion, or professionally?
Vincent B :I started when I was 16 for passion then it also became a job
Dj Maaxtal :-musician, composer, singer, or dj?
Vincent B :producer and dj
Dj Maaxtal :- since what age?
Vincent B :from the age of 16
Dj Maaxtal :-which was the trigger?
Vincent B :the desire was triggered when I was a child I was 12 years old I started mixing with a stereo and cassette I felt the passion for making music from an early age
Dj Maaxtal :-your musical icon?
Vincent B :there are many but in particular richie hawtin
Dj Maaxtal :-your pleasures apart from music?
Vincent B :traveling, and always designing news for my future
Dj Maaxtal :your best song?
Vincent B :Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence
Dj Maaxtal :vinyl or mp3?
Vincent B :Coming from a very 90's style I say vinyl even if nowadays the technology is very advanced and digital is also used but I remain faithful to vinyl.
Dj Maaxtal :-your near musical future?
Vincent B :I am working on a new project to make live sets with my teacher and mentor Danilo Vigorito my next release on Substance techno essence recordings.
















Dj Maaxtal :and a few more personal questions
Tea or coffee?
Vincent B :Italian espresso coffee
Dj Maaxtal :Morning or evening?
Vincent B :evening
Dj Maaxtal :summer or winter?
Vincent B :summer
Dj Maaxtal :club or festival?
Vincent B :club
Dj Maaxtal :homebody or festive?
Vincent B :holiday
Dj Maaxtal :alone or accompanied?
Vincent B :alone


Thanks to you for this little scratch interview Vincent ,we re going to give your links for people who wants to hear your tunes.

téléchargement 2.jpg

Tonight ,to know him a little more,some few words of Martin Nail

Hello, so that people get to know you,

Electrocolors offers you a short written interview.

You may or may not answer freely, but listeners,

your fans, we will know you a little more.


First question ,

Dj Maaxtal :- out of passion or professionally?

Martin Nagel : DJ with passion

-Dj Maaxtal Musician, composer, singer or DJ?

Martin NagelDJ and producer

Dj Maaxtal Since what age?

Martin Nagelwhen i was 20 years old

-Dj Maaxtal What was the trigger?

Martin NagelBack then i was working in a club in Stuttgart and watched Marco Zafferano hang up.

Dj Maaxtal -Your musical icon?

Martin NagelSven Väth, Marco Zafferano

Dj Maaxtal -Your joys other than music?

Martin Nagelcinema, chilling out with my friends

Dj Maaxtal your best song

Martin NagelDj Rolando Jaguar

Dj Maaxtal Vinyl or mp3?

Martin Nagelboth

Dj Maaxtal -Your near musical future?

Martin Nagel I hope that it will continue after Corona

and a few more personal questions

Dj Maaxtal Tea or coffee?

Martin Nagel Coffee.

Dj Maaxtal Morning or evening?

Martin NagelEve

Dj Maaxtal Summer or winter?

Martin Nagel It doesn't matter, the main thing is that the sun is there

Dj Maaxtal Club or festival?

Martin Nagel Both.

Dj Maaxtal Homebody or festive?

Martin Nagel homebody

Dj Maaxtal alone or accompanied?

Martin Nagelwith people I like

I think your fans will see you differently with this little interview. Dj Maaxtal and Electrocolor thank you.


Today ,a Big Dj in the world of Trance ,in september His production went out with two new tittles,and this Month ,his last tune is up in the charts,Geostorm,here it is Mister Cedric Lass.

Music is a natural state of mind to Frenchman Cédric Lass. Ever indulged by the way sound influences and shapes people, his incentive in life is to move the crowd with his own treat of the trade. With more than 15 years of dj experience, a master in Music Technology and several international residencies, it’s not hard to envision a promising future ahead. Next to reaching out to the electronic dance scene through his monthly ‘Mix From Space With Love’ podcast, pushing over 300,000 downloads, his career has taken him from places all across Europe, Asia and Russia to USA and South America. With more than 20 originals signed in the past 12 months, chances are high you’ll be dancing to a Cedric Lass original down the clubs soon – if you aren’t already. His originals have gained support by the likes of Don Diablo, Curbi, Oliver Heldens, R3hab, Ummet Ozcan, Sick Individuals, Dannic, Marnik, Chuckie, Karim Mika, Fedde le Grand, Tommy Trash, Showtek, D.O.D, Vigel, Ashley Wallbridge, David Guetta, Martin Solveig, Joachim Garraud, Bob Sinclar, … Open-minded behind the decks as well as in the studio, you’ll find it no surprise that his originals cover all things house music. A Lass record is hard to define, but perfectly balanced Electro, Progressive and Future House. With a unstoppable drive to create, share and living for the music, big things are ahead for this French producer, dj and rising star. You’re advised to keep an eye out for Cedric Lass


Dj Maaxtal:-by passion, or professionally?

Cédric Lass:I since 20 years and it’ also my passion in the same time so i would say i am living from my passion and it’s a great feeling

Dj Maaxtal:--musician, composer, singer, or dj?

Cédric Lass:I, composer and Dj

-Dj Maaxtal:- since what age?

Cédric Lass:I i was 14 years old

Dj Maaxtal:--which was the trigger?

Cédric Lass:Ifirst at 14 years old it was my hobby but the trigger was when i went to MACUMBA Club at Geneva for my 18 years old then i knew it would be my work it blowed my mind!

Dj Maaxtal:--your musical icon?

Cédric Lass:IArmin van Buuren & Giuseppe Ottaviani

Dj Maaxtal:--your pleasures apart from music?

Cédric Lass:IBasket Ball, Gym, Movies, Books, …

Dj Maaxtal:- best song?

Queen => Bohemian Rhapsody

Dj Maaxtal:- or mp3?

Cédric Lass:IMp3 easier for touring

Dj Maaxtal:--your near musical future?

Cédric Lass:I Trance tracks and mixing for my radio show, virtual festivals for now and waiting to tour again when the Covid situation will get better …

Dj Maaxtal:-and a few more personal questions
Tea or coffee?

Cédric Lass:IHot Chocolate, i don’t drink the others
Dj Maaxtal:-Morning or evening?

Cédric Lass:evening
Dj Maaxtal:- or winter?

Cédric Lass:IWinter
Dj Maaxtal:-club or festival?

Cédric Lass:IFestival
Dj Maaxtal:- or festive?

Cédric Lass:IFestive
Dj Maaxtal:- or accompanied?

Cédric Lass:I am used to tour alone but i love to be accompanied in life


Electrocolors and myself thanks you a lot,for all your answers,get a good year 2021 cause this one is ending in not a good way ,but hope life win,and music must go on.


=> Support Cédric Lass =>



- Radio Show (podcast):

- FaceBook:

- Twitter:

- Youtube:

- Instagram:

- Beatport =>


Tonight ,we present you the most famous and contagious smile of the Team: Flim Janprasert

Hailing from Thailand’s southern region, Flim has for the past fifteen years been passionately contributing to the global techno bringing his high-energy performances and abstract energetic productions to dance-floors throughout the world.

Trained originally as a rock drummer, Flim became attracted to the tribal sounds of techno early on, and could soon be found deejaying in venues throughout the infamous southern islands of Koh-Samui and Koh-Panghan. His infectious and energetic performances proved addictive, leading to residencies at Thailand’s world-renowned Full Moon, Black Moon, and Half Moon parties. After relocating to the epicenter of electronic music in Canada – Toronto, he founded Blackmoon Productions, quickly making his name synonymous with Canada’s free tekno scene thanks to his memorable squat parties and deep talent for keeping dance-floors moving. Before long, Flim was gracing premier electronic clubs such as Montreal’s Circus, and Toronto’s Circa, as well as top tier Canadian festivals such as WEMF, and the Eclipse Festival.

In the studio, Flim was also building an international fan base. Quietly perfecting his production technique, he joined the roster of Henry Cullen & Pattrix’s stripped down UK label Mutate to Survive, for the release of his first EP, Killing It. Setting the tone for what has become a signature cross-genre brand of techno, the EP mixed the best sounds of minimal, tribal and hard-groove together into a fresh sound not to be missed whether played in the club or on the home stereo. A year later, Flim continued with the release of the EP, New Planet, again on Mutate to Survive. Quickly gaining traction in the international electronic community, New Planet was featured in France’s renowned music magazine Tsugi, it appeared on French artists The Hacker’s Top 10 Chart, and cracked Beatport’s the Top 50 globally. Building on this success, Flim teamed up with Toronto’s Jane Void to produce the unusual sounding minimal floor grinder, Press My Button. Featuring Void’s distorted vocals, the track originally aired on French national radio Oui FM, and has since been hitting dance-floors worldwide.

Behind the decks, Flim has become renowned for bringing the energy, charisma and sound that only a seasoned producer and deejay can. From dark vibes and slamming beats, to rolling climaxes and funky grooves, Flim perfectly blends his original production tracks with other ground breaking techno, making his international performances a must see event that will keep people talking long after the music has stopped.

And to know a little more about you ,i got some little questions,here is the scratch interview

Dj Maaxtal : by passion, or professionally?

Flim Janprasert : Passion and professional

-Dj Maaxtal :musician, composer, singer, or dj?

Flim Janprasert : Musician, composer and dj

Dj Maaxtal :since what age?

Flim Janprasert : 13

Dj Maaxtal :-which was the trigger?

Flim Janprasert : Music

Dj Maaxtal :your musical icon?

Flim Janprasert : Bob marley

Dj Maaxtal :your pleasures apart from music?

Flim Janprasert : Sex, food

Dj Maaxtal :your best song?

Flim Janprasert : None

Dj Maaxtal :vinyl or mp3?

Flim Janprasert : Vinyl -

Dj Maaxtal :and a few more personal questions Tea or coffee?

Flim Janprasert : Coffee

Dj Maaxtal :Morning or evening?

Flim Janprasert : Morning

Dj Maaxtal ::summer or winter?

Flim Janprasert : Summer

Dj Maaxtal :club or festival?

Flim Janprasert : Festival

Dj Maaxtal :homebody or festive?

Flim Janprasert : Party

Dj Maaxtal :alone or accompanied?

Flim Janprasert : Alone

Thanks you to have answered our questions,and next time i see you ,after tasting your sound,i ll go to taste your cooking,happy birthday again to you from Electrocolors and me






After few weeks of preparation,cause lots of things are in preparation for all the Divisions of Play agency,new site,new opportunities ,new shows ,new radios and labels partners,here comes one of the great Djane of the house Division of Play Agency.

Her name?Mabel Caamal.


As a Dj, from 2012 he began to collaborate in the Caamal AM concept with different Collectives such as Dj Factory, 76 Recordings, Chocolate and SMR-Fems.

We have invited on several occasions to the stage of the Dj World Music Conference.

Living with Dj`s like Dj Joy Marquez, Rick Silva, Chriss Lerman, Bart LBM, Miguel Alanís, Abdel Karim,, Benjamín Hernández BJ, among other Dj's from the Electronic Scene in Mexico.

In 2016 it was launched as a Producer with the concept of Caamal AM, publicizing its Productions, placing them on the Top lists of music portals such as Beatport and Traxsource.

Opening in 2019 the launch of the Label Caamal Underground & Caamal Records House alongside her sister and sponsored by important exponents of National Electronic Music in Mexico.

Today also working independently

Mabel Caamal unveils her new Techno-tinged material, Tech House / House.


Dj Maaxtal-by passion, or professionally?

Mabel Caamal- For Passion

Dj Maaxtal-musician, composer, singer, or dj?

Mabel Caamal- Composer, Singer and Djane

Dj Maaxtal- since what age?

Mabel Caamal- at age 15 in the artistic medium and Djane at 37

Dj Maaxtal-which was the trigger?

Mabel Caamal- An emblematic club in Mexico where I worked as a Performance at 17 years old

-Dj Maaxtalyour musical icon?

-Mabel Caamal I have several national and international to mention some Green Velvet, Joy Marquez, Carl Cox.

Dj Maaxtal-your pleasures apart from music?

Mabel Caamal- Rescue abandoned animals haha

Dj Maaxtalyour best song?

Mabel Caamal- I WATCHING YOU - D-Fake - Remix Caamal AM

Dj Maaxtalvinyl or mp3?

Mabel Caamal Vinyl and MP3

Dj Maaxtal-your near musical future?

Mabel Caamal- Keep placing my music in the first places.


Dj Maaxtaland a few more personal questions
Tea or coffee?

Mabel Caamal- Coffee

Dj MaaxtalMorning or evening?

Mabel Caamal Morning
Dj Maaxtalsummer or winter?

Mabel Caamal Summer
Dj Maaxtalclub or festival?

Mabel Caamal Club andFestival
Dj Maaxtalhomebody or festive?

Mabel Caamal Home and Festive
Dj Maaxtalalone or accompanied?

Mabel Caamal alone and accompanied


Electrocolors and myself thanks you a lot,for all your answers,get a good year 2021 cause this one is ending in not a good way ,but hope life win,and music must go on.



Links to follow Mabel Caamal :

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